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Ad Astra Nighttime Eye Cream Emulsion

2,012.72 SAR

A gentle night cream for the eyes Contains Seaweed Amino Acids to enhance the appearance of a juicy complexion Blended with Peptides to smooth & refresh the eye area Infused...

Beauty Elixir I - Rich Beauty Oil With Bioidentical Antioxidant Complex (With 1000 Roses)

1,490.40 SAR

A moisturizing, multi-active beauty oil Contains sustainably sourced botanicals including Bulgarian rose essential oil Helps moisturize, tone & soothe the appearance of skin Blended with bioidentical CoQ10 & Vitamin C...

Beauty Elixir II - Balancing, Multi Active Beauty Oil (With Balancing Flowers)

1,354.50 SAR

A balancing, multi-active beauty oil Contains lndian jasmine, rose geranium, aged patchouli & sweet lavender Balance & soothe the appearance of oily, fussy skin Blended with bioidentical CoQ10 & Vitamin...

Beauty Elixir III - Gentle, Multi Active Beauty Oil (With Prismatic Array)

1,035.00 SAR

A gentle, multi-active beauty oil Essential oil-free formula helps accommodate scent sensitivity Contains bioidentical CoQ10 & Vitamin C ester to diminish the appearance of sun overexposure Packed with vitamins, anti-oxidants,...

Cerulean Soothing Hydration Recovery Mask

1,354.50 SAR

A botanical-packed, hydrating & soothing facial mask Works as a sleeping mask when combined with a Beauty Elixir, and an after sun treat to soothe the appearance of stress &...

Glow Philtre Refining Mask For Illumination & Glow

666.90 SAR

A skin-refining & brightening facial mask Formulated with pomegranate pith enzymes to gently exfoliate skin Contains thalassic extracts of sea fennel stem cells to soothe, brighten, hydrate & soften skin's...

Pot of Shade Heliotropic Primer SPF 30

708.12 SAR

A multi-tasking, non-whitening primer Contains non-nano, non-irritating, sustainably sourced zinc for broad-spectrum SPF 30 protection Blended with sweet iris stem cells to achieve a smooth & luminous complexion Infused with...

Puff of Love Nurturing Anytime Moisturizer

1,501.92 SAR

A nurturing, lightweight facial moisturizer Contains algae, plankton & seaweed to hydrate & refresh skin Formulated with hemp, an organic botanical oil to nurture skin’s delicate barrier Blended with bacillus,...

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